Thursday, May 15, 2008

A wise investment

Wealth, the desire to gain a measure of financial freedom and retirement are a few common goals that prompt many to invest for their future security. The thoughts and plans of one person will most certainly differ from those of another therefore they will also have differing ideas as to what kinds of investments they should make with the resources they poses. Many of us seem to take that which we should be investing in daily for granted but this is to the detriment of our well being. Greed neglect laziness mismanagement sin and self-centeredness diminish the fundamental resources within our care. So the question is, What kinds of investments should we consider as solid and wise and is there an investment that can guarantee a return.

A contemplation of long term happiness

One man put all his energy and strength into succeeding in his workplace. Fear drove this man to strive hard in an effort to show how valuable and indispensable he was.

One happily worked at a job that provided enough to pay the bills with a small sum left over at the end of each month. He chose to invest the little he had in regards to resources and time into his relationships.

Another man invested all his resources into the stock market. He agreed that this would be a smart investment for it was exactly what every one of his peers were doing.

Another chose to invest all his resources into the acquisition of property. This seemed like a secure investment with little risk.

Still another man horded all he had not trusting any but himself. All he had in surplus and resources he hid away.

Now which one of these men do you think invested wisely.

All of the scenarios listed above involve a level of risk in one way or another. No one knows what tomorrow will usher in but still we plan and prepare for the future as best we can. Investment is wise but we must remember money is not the only resource worthy of our consideration in regards to this matter. Happiness quality of life relationship the condition of the heart addiction attitude and the presence of love within and without are factors that will also play a role in determining short term and long term goals and how we choose to invest our assets or resources.

To invest in love serving relationship and the preferring of one another over self will guarantee a return. To invest in relationship with Jesus must result in dividends therefore the same will be true in the relationships of life though to a lesser degree. So what are the dividends that result in
making a relational commitment to Jesus. The essence of our being is transformed, healed, restored, nurtured, and refreshed. Character, attitude, faith, desire, dreams, priorities and emotions will change as love is revealed to the inner man, as maturity continues to build, as humility takes root. To wisely use the resources that have been entrusted to us adds purpose and joy to life

Care and concern for the inner being and the priority to which we put on relationship will always affect our outlook on life and the joy we experience as we travel the paths we chose to set out upon.

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