Monday, May 5, 2008

life in an elevator

There are not many roads that lead to heaven. Science has been unable to prove that creation did not occur. Atheists have been unable to explain miracles, evolution, love, right and wrong. Archaeologists continue to uncover proof that the Bible and it's accounts of events in history are true. The world around us continues to deny that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. They refuse to believe that no man may enter into heaven unless they enter through Jesus.

Five people were standing in an elevator. This elevator had a door and three windows, one on each wall. The elevator was slowly ascending and would not stop until it reached its final destination. One of the five began to speak and said, " this is going to be a long ride for us but I know how to get out of this box we are in. There will come a time when the wall behind me will open and we will be able to walk safely out of here together. Trust me and believe that what I have said will come to pass." Eventually one person decided looked out the window closest to him. Stretching out before him were many great and wondrous things, curiosity excitement and desire overwhelmed him. He declared, "I am going to choose my own way out of here." He opened the window and stated, "This must be paradise!" then jumped out. The man whom had spoken first urged the remaining three to stay on the elevator and trust him. But another looked out and saw great beauty as far as the eye could see. He too opened a window and called out, "Surely, this is paradise, I can't imagine any place more beautiful than this!" so he to jumped out a window. The first man once again, said "Trust me and have faith for all that I have told you will come to pass. Wait with me just a little longer". But again another looked out the last remaining window and was awestruck by what he saw. A great city reflecting the sun's light shone brightly before him. From the height that they were at he thought the city to be a place for kings and royalty and so he too opened a window and jumped. The man standing in front of the elevator doors once again spoke, "muster up your courage, trust me and have faith for if you wait with me you will find contentment peace and a destiny beyond imagination. The walls behind me will open and we will be able to walk out safely. " So the last man standing there decided to put his trust in the hands of the first man. His wisdom and concern, his compassion and love compelled the remaining one to patiently wait. So the two of them waited and after a little more time had pasted the elevator stopped and low and behold the doors opened. The two men walked safely off the elevator into paradise. The wise man put his arm around the shoulder of the one whom had put his faith in him and said welcome home son. "My name is Jesus".


Kelly Friesen said...
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Ang said...

Good stuff sweetie. I hope you love blogging.