Sunday, May 25, 2008

Becoming more than I am

I am more than the sum of my outward accomplishments

- I have a heart therefore I can feel, love, believe and make a difference
- I have a mind therefore I can think, contemplate, choose and remember
- I have a spirit that must intimately connect with Gods Spirit. It must be nurtured or all hope will be lost
- My soul relys on heart, mind and spirit for its well being and health
- Provision is important but will not supersceed my dependence upon God as my provider and sustainer
-The accumulation of wealth or money will not overshadow the sustaining or pursuing of relationship
- My character love service and faith define me to a greater degree than all that I may accomplish or do in the sight of man

I desire to grow in wisdom and stature
I desire to better myself relationally academically lovingly daily
I desire to see the truth within me and without
I desire to reach for goals that require me to be dependent upon God to direct my steps in order to see their fruition
I desire to achieve something in my lifetime that has a lasting affect upon future generations
I desire to rest in unconditional love
I desire to have an intimate relationship with my God
I desire to pursue relationships and build upon them
I desire to leave a legacy dedicated to God
I desire to lead my family down the path of righteousness
I desire to search out and know the mysteries of Gods love in my heart
I desire to embrace wisdom, maturity and humility until the end of my days
I desire to embrace Gods best for me

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