Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Descision will be made

Has God ever said to you "follow me through this door of opportunity this is the path for you"

Have you ever been talking with God and had him lay out a number of choices before you.

Towards relational maturity
-Involve Jesus when contemplating the decisions that impact direction and lifestyle.
-Learning to discern the voice of Jesus
-Learning to wait on God
-Hearing from God in regards to the daily living of life
-Embracing obedience to heighten relational depth
-As opportunities present themselves are we willing to go before God and ask him for his input direction wisdom
-Is this a door through which new adventures, new or more difficult challenges, new revelation will shape my character and encourage my maturation
-As we come to a crossroad of choice which one requires greater faith, greater reliance upon Jesus, instills humility within, builds stewardship and integrity
-Do the choices I make encourage intimacy with Jesus or distance me from it

Have you desired something more (more ambition, relational depth, greater freedom), a life more fulfilling, Have you had a need, a want, or a dream. Have you longed for greater responsibilities, adventure or change within or without

Have you attempted to bring these before God and heard him say "you could do that" and quickly started down that path of choice. The wise embrace integrity, faith, loving, trusting and righteousness as they walk through the doors of choice in their lives. Jesus desires to walk with us, teach us, nurture us and prepare us even when the path chosen is one filled with hardship, struggles, financial mismanagement or foolish decisions. But how indepth will we involve Jesus in the decisions of life. "You could do that"may look like like a green light or an affirmation but it is also a statement that should probably lead us to ask Jesus a few more questions before running off.

It is as we stay in the presence of Jesus, with open heart and a listening ear that clarity and wisdom are more likely to shape the choices of life. The statement "you could do that " may mean that this path of choice is not going to be an easy road to travel down, it may be a path littered with obstacles temptation or idols but still we have been given the freedom to choose. It may mean the hardships, challenges and tough choices along this road are greater, more time consuming or more likely to cause unnecessary relational conflict. To take that particular door of decision may mean we settled for second best or something less fulfilling. But none the less Jesus will continue to pursue us no matter what decision is made for his love is unconditional.

Why not ask God "Is this what is best for me at this time"or "what are your thoughts on this matter". To inquire of God is to set out upon the path of righteousness. To wait and listen to his reply, experience his love or be filled with his peace are the practice of the mature.

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