Friday, February 5, 2010

Man requires sustinance within

A man built his home high in an alpine clearing. He loved those mountains, their rugged beauty, the stars looming large in the night sky and the solitude of his surroundings. In ignorance of all that was going on in the world he busys himself with the routines that sustain his simple existence. He utilized the natural resources around him, hunted and foraged for food, retrieved water from a nearby spring and fell trees to build a dwelling place and use for fuel to burn. Day after day he worked to provide for himself but found no contentment in his rustic existence. Eventually he came to realize that within him a deep loneliness was taking root. An unrelenting loneliness was his companion accompanying him in all his endeavors. No amount of work, exertion or contemplation could repress this loneliness that continued to grow within him.

Month after month went by and the seasons changed. Fall gave way to winter and he prepared his dwelling place with the supplies he would need to wait out the long cold days and nights. Eventually the winds began to blow bringing with it torrential rains. It rained heavy for a few days until it gave way to hail and the hail in turn gradually gave way to snow. Watching this weather descend upon him and recognizing its increasing severity he felt compelled to retreat from its clutches. Quickly he got some basic supplies together and threw on his warmest clothes. He started down the mountain as the weather continued to deteriorate and bear down on him. This caused him to panic a little and so he began to jog but the inevitable happened the snow overtook him.Once again his pace was slowed. So much snow was falling that he could no longer walk due to how deep it was. At this point he began to fear for his life and in his desperation he yelled out, "please help me". At that very moment an avalanche roared down the mountain side. Unable to get out of its path it consumed him and carried him within its mass.

As he awoke he realized that he had survived this horrific ordeal. Looking around as he lay there trying to regain his bearings he realized that he was actually in a lush green field. Replaying the events that he had just been through in his mind he became quite perplexed. Slowly he stood up and began to try and make make some sense of his surroundings. A valley filled with gentle rolling hills and meadows spread out before him. Still puzzled about his ordeal he looked over his shoulder and began to piece together the extent of what had occurred. A wall of rock loomed high above him which slowly gave way to a rocky terrain spotted with clusters of trees. Beyond this the mountain remained shrouded with dark clouds.

While starring at ominous sight a man suddenly appeared and stood at his side. He spoke softly and said, "I heard you say you wanted help". It was I who sent the avalanche to carry you safely into this valley. It was I that created the spring from which you drew water to quench your thirst. It was I who planted the seedlings and gave them water that they might grow into the mighty trees you used for shelter, cooking and heat. Yes it was I that directed your attention to the loneliness that existed within you and it was I that compelled you to flee in the face of imminent danger. This mountain is in a season of change and upheaval just as you are. I am the architect and fulfillment of the peace you long for within.

Kelly Friesen

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You've peaked my interest, what happens next????????